Delaying failures

Delaying failures

I am anxious to go the wrong way and that everyone is sorry for me. I want to be exciting, I would like to suffocate to never be told the truth.

I'm so sad that I almost do not recognize faces that share a little of their emotion. There are certain times of the day when I do not even remember the people waiting for me at home ...
I would like to have time not to hide all the problems that I have, and it is because I am delaying the failure I will be in life.

And being realistic is my worst problem.

I would like to repress my mistakes as much as I am today

Sadly I can not see that they give me an excessive affection that does not free me from anything and that I do not even have to pay for them. And it's because there's no price for me to say my love. Because I repeat it almost inexistently in front of anyone.

And how can I be so indifferent to those people who give me so much love and always so aware of those who share their great cold?
I will gather my rewards and my complex wounds, even though my body can no longer keep all that weight. And it's because I always take it as possible that I always forget the poison that fucks me from within. Sometimes I am filled with uncomfortable joys, which are nothing more than customs designed for oneself.

I am simply modest in not bragging that I spend hours and hours in being a useless person who spends his time watching indecisive evils.

Who repeats to me that I am the best thing of its life and of the surprising thing that was to collect to me?
It confuses me and frustrates me that I can not distinguish that I am only to fit badly and have a bad death.

Luckily I have spent my time in not making fun of my confidence, because I do not fight for myself anymore, because I no longer find any sense in the faults that never come from me or from them. Nobody dares to shut up and make me see that I have a few years to live beautiful.

I wish I could think of myself and not stay in anything, or at least move me so that my loneliness slowly learns to love me with reluctance.


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