Badly adhered prayer

Badly adhered prayer
There must be better things than having time in love, like raving for painful purposes, living without having to hear how beautiful life is. There must be a passion that goes through the world that is not just asking for meat, there must be more than thirst for heaven, these unjust terms must be denied.

It seems like death to deceive someone to change the love in tears, to have a fierce talent that does not care about the fate of the opinion and the day that we should have loved.

I like to be forgotten by all and reappeared for being so simple in wanting to help them all, because apparently all I do is say silences, be priceless, thin and subtle.
With seven hours of being a superb, particularly I feel fairly, I do not feel worse than anyone, they love me as I should love and they hate me with the desire of what they always wanted to be.
I have been in a prolonged mourning, appreciating my failed expectations, and it seems to me very little that for all there is death, strong pauses and naked bodies.

Honest and necessary, pale and disheveled, with poor language, I did not know how painful it is to always be seated. I did not have enough emotions under this duel, I did not understand the laughter in general or the insults I accepted after noon.

I am fascinated by white walls, those that seem tender, those that have heard all kinds of comfort and those that have seen every kind of sleep. I could never accept to take over the form of your reality that way, because I could not stand not confess everything that was unleashed in my head.

The more nights that go by, I do not do anything better than being lost in real time, I ask permission to despise myself more and more and I see myself predicting, without control, that all reject my invincible attempts.

I have smiled for years, so that in the end, fall into badly closed hands, I have enjoyed blessed days without thinking about what I put aside, what I forbade myself and how much I suffered recently.
I have deserved the truth, my preferences, the unprecedented thing that is the issue and the benefits of always behaving well. I want to feel pain without suffering, to love without having to be distant, to be surprised with the best that can be started one day, to be faithful without being told that I deserve better.

After they have told me what awaits me, I am not relieved to know that time does not accelerate, that effortlessly and if I ignore it, I will always find melancholy. I do not want them to tell me more about how hypocritical luck can be, that it does not matter if I have a noble heart, that, between tears and blood, I can see how mediocre people do better.

If my desires for some moment approach me, forget all that they have spoken of me, lower the consciousness of knowing that nobody can lose the pain, remove from your mind how misunderstood is fear. Say a badly adhered prayer, love everyone without reason, run away without the key of your heart and enjoy the benefits of being sensitive, that if you stay thinking about everything you find, you may not get through today.


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