I used to miss you

I used to miss you

I had to confess
That we had time to spare
To move from necessity to a reality of loving us so much
Accepting that we made the mistake of believing in a prayer that we did not need
Without remembering the sad law of life.

I was useful for a taste, but I was not what you needed.
Although we had pretended to be in love with other people
You used to miss me
Somewhere in your lips
Before falling to sleep

You used to miss me when they forced us to keep forgetting
And even though I really loved you
I supported the rumors that came from far away that took my life.
Telling the ways you cheated on me.

I had time to stop wanting nothing in life, because you muted the future without hurting yourself. I let you sleep with me until you fulfilled what was necessary to make me happy, I looked at you as if we knew each other thousands of days. He always gave you a little more than everyone.
And you did not come back to save yourself from the rumors.
You listened to how they dominated my mind and you continued in the same way.

I used to be used to thinking about my first love and my favorite kiss.

I used to miss you when I was still worshiping your smile.
I still loved you blindly and without the answers i deserved.
I used to miss you attached to silences that did not follow actions
I used to miss you so I have a chance to think a little about myself.

You stopped being good news, you stopped being the man I mentioned while sleeping.
I used to miss you without anguish and without pain playing with my future, ignoring my limits and my will.
While you easily started loving again, turning the page, loving for me. Since you're still waiting for true love at twenty.

I had never seen that ease to forget, that I regretted my naive emptiness and the dark future that would come. I do not want to make any more excuses for the existing cruelty in your heartbeat.
You despised me, denying being half of my heart,
Without showing signs of pain when you see me going through your side
And you do not care what happened to be seen a few seconds by your eyes.
And it is not anyone's fault that I always spend it so far with my nostalgia, and I do not have to apologize for how easy it will be to wait to die with my next sadness.

I used to miss you without rest, without problems of supporting your good rejections.

I used to miss you with caution, without hurting myself or hurting you so much. Although it costs me like never before, you are for me, for the first time, the zone of my sadness, the well-known shadow of my heart.

Now it is obvious and understandable that we were together to prepare for times of pure loneliness and never to return, no matter how much I deserve to be loved.

I am sure that in the pleasure of my tears you became, because no matter how much you cool, I will always think that you will be beautiful. Because I do not cry because you abandoned me or because you left me on my own, I cry because I will always think about what we could have been.

Until today I used to miss you, because I already have everything I need, because I found a way to take away the time that was unfortunate for me. I know that thinking more about you is no longer necessary, because you will not give me more love, or abandonment anymore. We will no longer be able to be further apart.


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