I feel so close to you

Try to find but withour answers

I could not stay quiet if I knew nothing about you, I do not like your conclusions, but you made me feel so alive as a believer, even if you were not here to my winged.

It was not the best way to say this, but no longer, it is gone, but I'm the only one who have to go, and I'm not sure how to achieve live if you're not motivate me, I want you to stay. This big moment we built underneath, hurt me even more.
You see me faraway...  I used to be lucky to be loved, I was lucky to loving you.

Deep was the mark you leave when you left
It felt like you simply desert me
I was just behind you
Fall in love was too easily
It was so fast to end

I lost you in the past
but I'm still in love
I'm begging for you, I'm begging for a kiss

I'm lost in the stars... I'm color blind day and night



  1. It's really amazing how even in english you could make me fell the same as when you write in spanish. Good job buddy!
    - Yi.Ar -

    1. My english its not But thanks you for reading me :) I'm really happy

    2. If you want I can help you with some english classes ;)
      - Yi.Ar -


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